The treatment area cabinetry

Whether a “surgery suite,” a double rear-entry treatment room, or a dedicated single-handed hygiene room, these are the most important spaces in the dental office. Due to the concentration of systems and equipment, they are also the most expensive. We want to help you create the most comfortable space for your patients and the most appropriate surroundings for your treatment procedures – at the lowest possible cost.

At Unthank Design Group, treatment room cabinetry is not considered just a collection of individual elements, but is rather a vital part of a complete treatment “setting;” one that meets your needs today, and will accommodate what may be required at a later date. Does your treatment room design include economical, ergonomically-placed patient monitors and practice management monitors? Does it take into consideration IT cabling and optimal X-Ray image quality? Does it incorporate cost-effective, function-driven dental equipment and allow for the integration of future technologies? We believe it should! today to discuss your needs, or to request more information on the time-tested cabinet options offered.

Beginning with your choice of delivery type, equipment preferences, and available floor plan space, let us help you select the cabinetry that will best meet your individual needs. Remember, when faced with the multitude of options in the marketplace, your Unthank cabinetry solution is the only one developed by a professional architect who has also walked in your shoes as a practicing dentist!

"It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right"